JNB Team

We may be a bit biased but we have the best team in the industry! JNB Heavy Haul is a team of dynamic people with a passion for trucking. Our drivers are well versed heavy haulers and take extreme pride in what they do. Our drivers are both bonded in Canada and the USA as well as Fast & TWIC approved. We understand what big moves are all about, so we come prepared! We have our own fleet of company owned and operated pilot cars fully equipped to assist your shipment to its destination.

Our office staff are all former commercial drivers...how cool is that! Our crew of heavy haul logistic experts organize your entire move from A to B through precise route planning, acquiring O/D O/W permits, pilot cars, police and utilities.

From on the road to in the office, we have what it takes to exceed our customer standards.

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Staff Directory


Mitchell, Ontario

John Beimers, President
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Nic Beimers, Vice President
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Bonnie Beimers, Accounting
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Becki Beimers, Accounting
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Bryan Stacey, Financial Controller
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Travis Gordner, Sales & Operations
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Greg Maas, Sales & Operations
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Taylor Bakker, JNB Heavy Haul Dispatch
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Brittany Berger, JNB Heavy Haul Dispatch
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JoAnna Foucault, JNB Heavy Haul Dispatch
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Taryn Zinger, JNB Enterprises - Brokerage
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Stuart Campbell, JNB Heavy Haul Pilot Escort Car Services
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Bert Tops, Safety & Compliance Manager
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Rob Hamilton, Fleet Maintenance Manager
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Kelly Bauer, Administrative Assistant
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Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia

Tony Moore, East Coast Operations Manager & Sales
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Melissa Neil, Customer Relations, Sales & Administration
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